life isn't as hard as you're making it out to be

"and it just fucking hurts, that’s all that i know. 
and i thought i’d be over it by now, but i’m not. 

when you’re in a relationship with someone, you’re suppose to be in for the bad too. not just the good.
you can’t just find someone else who tells you all the things you wanna hear, instead of work things out with the person who has always fucking been there for you.

what the fuck is wrong with people these days?

you put so much trust in people, you tell them everything.
give them all your time, give them your every piece of yourself,
and they give all their attention to someone else.
they go behind your back, and fuck around with someone else.

i should have never forgiven you.
i should have never given you another chance.
you don’t deserve me, and you know it.
i wish i would have never called you.
i wish i never spilled my heart to you.
i wish i didn’t miss you while you were gone.
i wish i didn’t want you in my bed, but i do and you are.

and i wish i could say, i don’t love you anymore,
but that would be a lie.
but i wish i didn’t love you anymore, 
and that’s all i know. “

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I quit. I’m going camping. Right now.

^ ugh

That’s fucking intents
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